Saturday, 28 May 2011

Victoria Baths Fanzine Fair 14th May 2011

On the 14th May 2011, Victoria Baths held a fanzine fair with arts organisation Future Everything.

I was asked to run a workshop combining fanzines and craft. So 2 weeks before the event I went along to the open day to gather some ideas. The Angel of Purity, who lives in "the best room in the house" defies maturity with her block glass wings and sullen smile. The bold lines and vibrant colours would be perfect for embroidering, I thought.

After coming back from Helsinki the night before I was a little tired, but my fingers were eager to stitch. Over my week long break I had stitched the angel's face and wings, I still have her legs and lily pad to do but she is getting there.

Porter's flat

Angel Steve

Black Jack Barnet and Threads and Letters

I made some simple designs for people to take ideas from. (Half an Angel wing)

Mindless Drawings and Stuff

 The fanzine fair was a glorious day of selling, swapping and chatting with fellow zinesters. My embroidery workshop took in the kitchen of where the porter would have lived with his family of athlete swimmers. It was here where the stitching of patches took place. The aim of my workshop was for particpants to use the colours and shapes of the stained glass windows to design and embroider their own angel. Some people stitched them into pre made zines, whilst others merly decorated a patch. Have a look and zeeeee

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