Monday, 25 April 2011

Shoestring workshop

I ran a workshop sometime ago and forgot to blog till  just now. How tardy of me. The workshop was with Shoestring magazine and held at the Soup Kitchen, Manchester which also stocks threadsandletters. I'm quite into how writing is structured by what it is actually written on so if you look at the pictures you can see I brought these luggage tags for the attendees of the workshop to write on. The exercise was to use words all on the theme of clocks! Yes clocks. Because you see when I went to the Clock makers musuem in London, (Which is very very small) I collected lots of lovely words to do with time. Here are a few... cyclodial cheeks, pendulum, horoligical, beat escapement. I then used these words to theme the workshop.

Some people drew pictures as well to go with their poems and some people drew around the outside of the luggage tags like one of Lewis Carroll's serpent poems!

...and I drew a silly picture of an elf and a fishing rod.