Saturday, 4 June 2011

Pharmacy of Stories

Prescribe me  a story

Shelves of Curiosities

Make a Story Remedy

Thread and Letters and Embroidery

Luggage tag mouse

Ern the vege moster

I had been asked to send some work to be exhibited for a new space in The Old Boiler Room in London Fields.
The Pharmacy of Stories is a place of little installations, text,  and performance. The Pharmacy runs workshops by the artists included in the exhibition revolving around the theme of prescription storytelling. When entering the pharmacy through the back door of the Boiler Room, (See the door) you will be welcomed with vials of tangy apple juice and shelves of storytelling trinkets, oh and you will not miss the desk of prescriptions where you shall create your own story remedy. Threads and Letters embroidery and books dangled throughout the pharmacy's medicine cabinets, waiting to heal writer's block and thought dullness.
I shall be prescribing some stitch-telling workshops in the near future. It will involve clowns and a mouse tale. Do NOT Watch This space.

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