Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Stitched Jester [Unfinished)

 A few little threads to create the stitched jester
A fine needle through his cloth heart.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Stitch a Monster

At the art shop today, I decided to photocopy an embroidered monster I stitched for my friend's birthday card. I have named him The LeeUM Monster, he lives in a cupboard under the purple stairs of a fortune teller's cottage. His attributes of scaring include: leering, leeching and loathing. He is lactose intolerant (apparantly) and unfortanately he suffers from longing. Symptoms include a great absence of admiration and love. Cure: A companion of similar mind set.

I shall be turning this little monster into a sewing pack for kids in which they can stitch their own little critter! Neat, huh?

I shall also be sending my little monster to my friend Tina Bueno at her exhibition space in London Fields for the Here is my Heart exhibition it is on 16th 26th September (Private View 17th September, you get apple juice out of odd shaped glasses)- GO SEE!