Sunday, 26 October 2014

Screen Printing
I had a go at screen printing this week. I found it very hard to understand the process before actually printing. But once I started layering on the different colours on the screen it was very satisfying to see the different layers create the image. I made a few mistakes where splodges of ink went where it shouldn't and I didn't end up using all my templates as I felt the images looked better in their simplicity. I printed two images, one of hands holding the base of a basil plant to show the connection between nature and the human body. The second is of a boathouse in Penicuik that caught my eye as it almost blended into the crowds of trees, almost becoming part of the natural surroundings.  I hope to reprint them to add more layers and texture.


Friday, 19 September 2014

Surprise seed packet

My first project for my Masters in Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art required the School of Design to design a calling card to give out to fellow students. The calling cards could be any size, shape or material. The idea of creating a seed packet business card came to me instantly. I thought a seed packet would reflect my  interest in using sustainable, natural materials and permaculture. I used a rough sketch of my partner Graeme, digging in the garden as a starting point and developed this into a more detailed drawing. I used natural, homemade paints made from turmeric, cumin, foraged berries and paprika mixed with free range organic egg white and water. I bought some lovely recycled, eco card from the nice people at The Edinburgh Art Shop.

 I included simple instructions for the recipients to care for their seeds.

 I added my signature in the soil of the picture to suggest an organic feeling of growth in my logo.
Turmeric makes a lovely deep yellow with lots of texture.
I used a seed template to set out the design of the text and images.

  Testing blueberries, turmeric, coriander and cumin mixed with egg white.

I popped sage, salad, spinach and a mixture of vegetable seeds in the packets and wrote which seeds the packet included on a strip of recycled card which was placed inside the packet.

Typewritten by hand then scanned onto the computer.
Everyone seemed very happy with the free seeds and it felt like a lucky dip in which ones
they would receive! 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

For my Final Major Project on the Art Foundation course I decided to illustrate a series of scenes from one of my favourite books, Cider with Rosie, by Laurie Lee.

The project emphasised the interaction between the characters, in particular the sisters, Dorothy and Phyllis who were often found stitching and gossiping.  I focused on recreating the quote by the young Laurie as he wonders at the textile creation his sisters make before visiting Granny Trill, "Enthralled as ever by their patchwork glories, I followed closely behind." This was done through a painting of the sisters proudly  holding a colourful patchwork quilt and a focus on incorporating sewing objects in my prints.


Saturday, 26 April 2014

Ageing and New

The beginning of 2014 saw me finally picking up the paintbrush and painting onto stretched canvas. The project was concerned with contrasts of ageing and new. I looked into how adults connect with their childhood through play and how children and adolescents act older and younger when placed in specific situations. It was interesting to see how children and adults in his project seemed most content when able to impersonate their childlike inhibitions through a prop such as a puppet, toy or a game of dominoes.

 A self portrait. This contrasts to the more playful paintings which show life and character through interaction and celebration.