Monday, 7 September 2009

Mancunian bound

Today I shall be moving to Manchester. I have not packed, am still in bed and not entirely sure how I am getting there. But I'm sure I shall make it somehow. I am very excited about the new life I am going to have. Lots of poetry readings lined up and I am taking a dressmaking course at this quaintly sharp named shop called Rags to Bitches. So many new streets and corners yet to be explored and I'm looking forward to blackberry picking along the canal and vegan baking with my friend Natalie. There will also be new vegan restaurants for me to explore, wonder what sort of recipes they will have? I intend on sitting in cafes in the northern quarter and drinking coffee with soya milk and vanilla syrup whilst scratching through my notepads, trying to scramble a poem together. I still really need to read the mammoth amount of books I have, still sitting in the cardboard amazon books, longing for their pages to be bent and read. Today is a gloomy, humid rainy day, not the best start to my new chapter but it'll have to do. Right off to do some packing...

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