Thursday, 27 August 2009

My birthday week

I have had a most exciting birthday week. I wore my beautiful hand made dress made by Eleanor Ruth Callaghan from the band the Bobby Mcgee's. I got a curiousely lovely amount of presents, including a fox necklace, sewing books, marmite, Paddington bear and a pet rat named Pandora! I ate vegan chocolate drops in the car on the way to my birthday day out and spilt them on the car seat and on my dress! Oh sugar! I couldn't decide where I wanted to go, the Lakes, exploring new green surroundings and possible swimming in a unfound lake? Or shopping in Manchester? I decided Manchester. I wonder if that was the right choice and am still pondering whether it was. As the dark grey clouds hovering above Manchester made me want to turn back and live in the high hills of cumbria. Although when we got to Manchester I purchased some lovely blouses and was heckled at by passers by "Hello Alice in Wonderland!" Marvellous! I also got my photo taken with my friend for an obscure French magazine. A bit like Vice but not trash apparantly. Then we had lunch at Cafe cup, scrambled tofu yummy. And porridge. No tea spoon for me though :( I was a little scared at the prospect of reading there in September, but I think I will be ok.
I decided I wanted a birthday picnic, so me and my friend drove back to Lancaster and ate vegan chocolate cake with vegan ice cream on top on a beach in the car with the windows open as my friend was too scared of the creepy crawlies on the beach stones.
I want to live on the beach
Just so that I can always eat seaside treats
In the evening we can dance to the bread and butterflies melonchonly lullably
and forget that we ever have to say goodbye
I made strange steps in the sand
I wondered how you felt when we first held hands
I'll sit, wait and wonder for you
whilst constantly searching for nothing to do.

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