Saturday, 2 May 2009

Things I make

I like to make odd things out of fabric. The first things I made were the owl family in the picture. The middle one has lavender in. Their names are Ernie the daddy, Vivian the mummy and Alfie the baby owl. They are like the three bears but owls! I made the fox for my friend Amy's 21st, I was sad to set him free. I named him a foxcoon as the pattern said he was a racoon but he looks like a fox apart from his chubby tail! I also made a Paddington bear bag with a duffel coat button made out of Paddigton bear curtains and a teapot bag made from a canvas bag and felt. I also made a skirt from a charity shop dress. Sewing is fun fun fun in a sugar bun! I use imagery of sewing in my poetry a lot also. I find it connotes a strong image through the different themes of unravelling, threading and weaving. The next thing I want to make is a fabric button cuff for my wrist and a evil woven doll. I need to buy some more buttons as I used all mine up on a black tunic top I bought. I love HUGE buttons! I made this ipod holder for my brother Harry for his birthday.. he wasn't that impressed!

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