Saturday, 2 May 2009

Blythe Doll

This is a poem about Blythe dolls. I collect them. They are from the seventies, but were not very popular as they scared small children with their moving eyes, but they are very popular with emo/scene kids or twee people like me. The originals sell for thousands at auctions. I only have the replicas which are still quite expensive. I hope to one day own an original or at least a larger doll which retail for about £100. Well, Owl can only dream! I hope you like the painting I did of my blythe doll, Malice Alice! She is like Alice in Wonderland but with blue hair. People say I look like a blythe doll because of my big eyes, I can't change the colour of mine though, that would be cool! Look out for the secret owl on the painting! xxx


I don’t like it when you say that I’m scary, maybe even like a freaked out fairy.
There is more to me than you think, I walk through odds and ends and have limbs that bend.
My eyes are large and change colour but they can see through your dark thoughts.
You may think I have no feelings as I stare at you without twitching, but inside there is a girl as insecure as you.
My eyes drift from colours red, green and blue mastered by a puppet string from the back of my head, but this does not mean that I am dead.
My hair is stitched with a thread and needle but this does not make me evil
I maybe crafted out of plastic and glue but inside there is a heart that can be broken into two.
Watch the original video for blythe dolls!

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