Monday, 4 May 2009

Pearl White Tear Drop

This poem is very special to me as it was the first poem I read at my first open mic! I was so nervous but I have overcome it now, I think! It was the introduction to a story I wrote about a girl and her imaginary friend x

Pearl White Tear Drop
I looked at your pearl white tear drop, escaping from your eye
I wondered where it was coming from what had made you cry?
Down your soaked cheeks
Creating a puddle around your wet wet feet.
Pearl drops seeping, weeping from your heavy laden lids.
I collect your tears in a bucket of mine so I can help your sighs
Let me whisper in your ear “don’t cry”
-But nothing will ever cease your cries
I wish I could help
I wish I could help tear your tears
But nothing I can do will ever stop
Nothing can stop even that one

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