Tuesday, 12 March 2013

January Blues. Short story for The Shrieking Violet fanzine

I have been submitting stories, recipes and articles and once a pattern for making your own pumpkin felt toy to my friend Natalie's fanzine; The Shrieking Violet for over 4 years. The Shrieking Violet is a Manchester based fanzine, which includes recipes, travel writings, transport articles and features on personal fascinations. It has recently been recommended by arts and culture blog, Creative Tourist.
 My first submission was a poem about a stuffed raggy teddy bear I had made named Mismatched Teddy bear, which is featured in the first issue of The Shrieking Violet in 2009. The most recent Shrieking Violet features one of my short stories named January Blues. It tells the tale of a young girl and her father making gingerbread after Christmas whilst recovering from a great loss. If you live in Manchester you may be lucky enough to pick up a Shrieking Violet fanzine from various creative outlets including The Cornerhouse in Manchester and Oxfam Vintage for free, (although they are in short supply so keep you eyes peeled.)

To see the online version, or to submit a feature yourself:  Have a look here: http://issuu.com/natalieroseviolet/docs/the_shrieking_violet_issue_20

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