Thursday, 28 March 2013

Charlie and the Tengo Factory

Graeme and I had a day and one night in the busy town of London. We started at London Marlybone with two places in mind: the Roald Dahl Museum and The Barbican. The Barbican event was the main reason we were visiting London as we had tickets to see Yo La Tengo. "Yo La what now?" Is the reply I received from people who knew nothing of the band. Yo La Tengo apparantly means, "I have it now" in Spanish. Often referred to as an indie, rock band from New Jersey, but I wouldn't hesitate to say they are Yo* much more than that. The musical trio grasped the Barbican with melodies that poised pleasantly with the animated backdrop of cut out trees. The set reminded of  the cardboard tree pieces from a High Ho Cherry Oh board game.

The Roald Dahl Museum was equally exciting, nestled in the sleepy town of Great Missiden. Although the weather was being grey and grumbly, the musuem was a delight. Graeme and I measured ourselves against the character height chart, I measured up to Miss Honey from Matilda which very much pleased me and Graeme was Mrs Twit which was a little unfortunate for him.  I also sat in a replica of Roald's famous chair and pretended to write a whizzpopping story. Afterwards we visited the gift shop and bought a few souveniers of keyrings and stationery. We then took a walk to Dahl's grave which was decorated with flowers and his favoured yellow pencils.

* I couldn't resist

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