Friday, 31 December 2010

New Years Resolutions

Things I did on New year's Eve.

  • Didn't use the acronym NYE it annoys me
  • 6 mile run
  • Bought dad slim fliter tips from pound shop, brothers now think I have taken up smoking for new year.
  • Ate an apple
  • Ate some apricots and 3 figs and a handful of golden sultanas
  • Bought a cookery timer (it was half price)
  • Had a gingerbread soya latte and tea cakes with marmalade and apricot jam 
  • Watched New Narnia film with Lily and mum
  • Talked to dad, he liked the carrot and coriander soup-
  • Made aubergine stroganoff with jacket potatoes- the aubergine was also half price.
  • made granola for mum
  • ate the granola
  • ate some smoky vegan cheese and crackers
  • told George to find funny Jools Holland 'no neck' youtube videos.
  • Carried on embroidering bat
  • Wrote some resolutions
  • Put on my new pajamas. Blue and spotty.
  • Organised trip to Morecambe
  • Planned craft event for Valentines
  • Thought about sewing puns for craftivism group.
  • Contemplated making a origami heart for valentines event- maybe next year.
New Year's Resolutions
Finish what I start
Blog every day
Do work better
Read more
Eat less
Eat more
Don't feel bad, just do better next time
Listen and dance to science of sleep intro for ultimate happiness.
Listen to a story on tape or watch Bagpuss for childhood nostalgia.
Leave the house at least once a day (running may count)
If in doubt, just do it
Don't let the first word of the day be a swear word. ( I blame those cats)
Do a race
Regularly put money in somewhere safe.
find fun new music
up earlier
bed earlier
Always take an eco bag
make something everyday.
do a craft stall
Write letters and postcards to friends.
Smile, even if feeling rubbish.
start early, do better
can't do it all, do a bit
grow hair
Write to do lists before going to bed
be vegan forevers
be less angry
Eat little treats
Buy little treats
plan more outings
stop making sew many spelling/typos mistakes
read more
cinema once a month

leave it and go to bed.

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