Thursday, 30 December 2010

Horse and Bamboo theatre

Over part of the summer, (most of June and a pocket piece of July) I worked at The Boo, home of puppet travelling theatre, Horse and Bamboo. A  puppet theatre nestled in the sleepy Lancashire town of Rossendale. My main jobs were to promote the puppet festival running on the 11th and 12th of July. I was assigned to cover the box office, (how many tickets would you like for Three Little Pigs?), write press releases for the puppet companies performing, hand out posters in the local shops, tidy up puppets and collect tickets. My favourite task was to run my own workshop to entertain the children, whilst they were waiting for a show to start. I made a house box out of paper and card to put all my materials in, a chunky yellow coloured house with two windows and an uneven roof top and chimney. I brought some of my puppetry books to inspire the children and brought fabric scraps and wooden spoons to create fantastic wooden spoon puppets! Hoorah!

Horse and Bamboo- Storm in a Teacup- touring 2011
 Micro puppetry

Wooden spoon puppets!

Punch and Judy on a summers day.

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