Friday, 11 February 2011

Zine Fair at The Art Corner, Manchester 12th February 2011


Threads and Letters book-zine first appearance at the Art Corner Zine fair with The Shrieking Violet fanzine was a splendid welcome to my new self-publication.
Vicky's lighthouse bookmark---

button bookmark on thread binding---

bat puppetry---

a little look at the button article---
Rebecca Aimée Lanyon Willmott is a self publisher, poet, storyteller and textile artist.
A love of storytelling and stitching, is what inspired me to create my publication, Threads and Letters. Handcrafted on cotton paper, it has a traditional book theme throughout reflected in the fonts and framing reminiscent of the first Victorian illustrated magazines. Its contents include: articles on the button collection at Platt Hall, Gallery of Costume, Manchester, embroidery as puppet illustration, activist textiles and patterned poetry. 

The fanzine is accompanied by free delicious vegan cakes, lighthouse bookmarks and illustration prints by artist Vicky Willmott  and embroidery prints by Rebecca Aimée Lanyon Willmott.We wish to share our love for storytelling, stitching and sketching in a traditional but fun format of book-zines and illustration.

Threads and Letters is printed on card and cotton paper and bound with thread and buttons. It is sold at fanzine fairs and Good Grief fanzine and self publication store

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