Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Winter blister

The white stuff has returned, which I think is quite a bother. I'm not a fan of the cold and my hands now need regular oiling to stop from flaking away. Hopefully travelling down south (If I make it in the ghastly sludge) will be warmer.

Today I have been researching the traditional European circus as one of the stories for my creative writing dissertation. My protagonist is named Bernard, he lives in an Oddity shop but rarely leaves his castle of dirty teacups that frame his slouched body. He repeatedely twiddles his fingers as they are used to repititive movement due to his past clown profession. He was the finest juggler in the land.
In my evening I slid down the treacherous ice glazing the streets of Manchester to The Thirsty Scholar for The Vegan Girl's Guide to Life book signing by author Melisser Elliot. 'A cross-stitching, protesting, vegan baking fairy Godmother', the words of author of Vegan with a Vengence, Isa Chandra Moscovitz. The book did look interesting, there were guides to what to feed the non vegans in your life,(no vegan cheese, please) setting up an eco enterprise and where to get the vegan tattoos which apparantly are compulsory for the non animal eating ladies. I did not purchase a book as I had £9 and the book was £12. Melissa seemed to enjoy the cupcake I brought her (left over from my housemate's birthday party). A pumpkin and carob chip delight. The rest have been distributed to my Sunday running club and my writing workshop companions. I am off to London on Thursday to see Alice in Wonderland at The Little Angel Theatre and attend a Christmas Craft fair run by Selvedge magazine.
The snow would have melted on my megabus return.

On Monday please attend sandbar for a fine night of poetry and storytelling at Sandbar, Oxford Road. Feauturing Joseph Dobson, Belinda Johnston and myself.

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