Thursday, 31 December 2009

Christmas 2009

As the fresh breath of new year approaches I thought I would comment on my Christmas. I would say it started with the Cherryade Christmas party in which I read my poem and compared for most of the night. I also made some lovely vegan mince pies, a very slushy nut roast and some delectable vegan shortbread, see the Shrieking Violet January issue for the recipe! I also made an adorable handmade mouse with a string tail for my beloved sister Lily. The performace I saw at the Dukes, Lancaster of The Wizard of Oz was a exciting, contemporary take on one of my favourite children's classics. My favourite aspect of it was the puppet Toto and other textile quirks which really revitalised the performance. I am still to eat the Christmas pudding I bought from the Coop and sadly the Gingerbread house my friends and I made collapsed but did not spoil our fun at Your mama's cookin'. I hope to have such a fun and revolutionary year as I have of 2009 but perhaps with a wiser owl perspective.

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