Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Penelope collects thoughts with a multi coloured umbrella

This is just a starting piece to a collection of short stories and pictures about Penelope I will be writing.

Penelope collects thoughts with an umbrella.

Penelope collects thoughts with an multicoloured polka dot umbrella that her sister gave her. She enjoys soaring through the sky like a techicoloured butterfly. Catching rocking horses, clockwork tortoises, pocket watches and ragdolls with one eye. And maybe even a teapot or two. Her complexion is porcelain to touch and her rosy cheeks are as red as her beautiful auburn coloured hair and in the evening she greets her friend Alfie the owl in the midnight air. On terribly thoughtful days her umbrella gets quite heavy with the emotive raindrops that make her umbrella so very heavy. She used to use a top hat to collect the raining thoughts that fell so very high from the sky, yet she believed this was not to do as the top hat was eaten by her ravenous cat, besides an umbrella looks much more stylish. Penelope accompanies her collection of thoughts with her umbrella with a song that goes something like this;

I collect raindrops with a multi coloured umbrella

It keeps them from escaping

Lets me pilfer through their abstraction and disorder

Yet people think this should be done by someone much older

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